i'll just let it burn;
"let me tell you something; when it’s dark, and i’m all alone, and i’m scared or freaked out or whatever, i always think, ‘what would buffy do?’"


buffy meme: six episodes

4/6: Who Are You

It’s a good think we broke up. Now I don’t have to pretend I like it.


So I started Buffy and Wow, I expected Buffy to be like a complete ball of cheese with like vampires ruining the school dance and Buffy’s teenager problems and cheesy on liner, at least in the first season but NO first season is like abusive witch mothers and end of the world shit and cannibalistic hyena demons and damn I already love this show.

favorite character meme  two emotions [1/2]

(make me choose): anon asked: glory or caleb? anon asked: ben or glory?